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Making Arrangements
Making Arrangements
Once you have decided to have the ashes aerially scattered, the process is;

Contact us for pricing and availability;

To ensure that the arrangements go smoothly, we request that you contact us to verify pricing and availability of the aerial scattering, call us at 720-308-8817.

Sending the cremains / ashes to us;

Use the United States Postal Service and send them "Priority Mail Express". You will need to declare the contents of the package as human or animal cremains or ashes. When you send the ashes, package them in the appropriate size box making sure it is packaged and taped well. Human ashes are permitted to be mailed provided they are packed in spillproof containers or other containers that are sealed in durable sift proof outer containers. "How to package and ship cremated remains" is avialable for download @ http://about.usps.com/publications/pub139.pdf .

We will need to sign for the package.

If you are at all unsure and afraid of loss in shipping, then you will need to make arrangements to deliver them to us in person. We are not responsible for loss during shipping. Please be aware that there is always this risk!

Include in the box you ship the cremains in, a check or money order made out to Angel Air-LLC and the completed Authorization for Dispersal of Cremated Remains form.
Call if you are unsure how to use this form of payment and we will guide you through it.

Please call us and let us know of your intent to send the ashes so we can be looking for them in the mail.

Upon receipt of the ashes, the completed authorization form and payment;
We will scatter the ashes as soon as weather permits.

Upon completion of our services;
We will provide you with a certificate that will note the date, time and approximate location (via GPS) of the Latitude and Longitude of the scattering along with a photograph of the area of scattering.
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Aerial scattering of Ashes
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