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How can ashes be shipped?
By the Post Office, "Priority Mail Express" service only, stating the contents as human cremains. The Post Office treats these packages with a high level of priority and we must sign for the package in front a Postal Employee as well as show them a photo ID. Human ashes are permitted to be mailed provided they are packed in spill proof containers or other containers that are sealed in durable sift proof outer containers. The identity of the contents must be marked on the address side. The U S Postal Service Publication 139, "How to Package and Ship Cremated Remains" is available for download @  http://about.usps.com/publications/pub139.pdf.

Can I ship Ashes Via FedEx or UPS?
No, only the Post office will ship ashes.

Where do I send the ashes?
Send to: Angel Air LLC, 10619 Union Way, Broomfield, CO 80021

How are the Ashes Scattered ?
The ashes are scattered from an airplane by use of a specially designed dispenser.

How soon will the ashes be scattered after receiving them?
Upon receipt of the ashes and payment, we will scatter the ashes as soon as weather permits.

Can I accompany the flight?
No. FAA regulations and insurance prohibit passengers.

Will you scatter more than one personís ashes on a flight?
We will consider this as an option if the people are related and the people who are legally responsible for the final disposition request so in writing. Please contact us for pricing.

At what altitude are the ashes scattered?
FAA regulations require that the pilot remain 500 ft. above obstacles (1,000 ft. in heavier populated area's), and 2,000 ft. above National Forests.

Is aerial ash scattering safe on the environment?
Yes. The EPA funded studies in 1999 to determine the effects of aerial ash scattering. It was found to have no significant effect on the environment. Cremations is done between 1,400 deg. F. to 2,100 deg. F. leaving the ashes purified.

Are there local regulations governing aerial ash scattering?

Will you scatter cremated pets?
Yes. Please contact us for further information.

What does aerial ash scattering cost?
Our price is $595.

Aerial scattering of ashes offers a means of closure. For some, the release of ashes into the sky by an airplane is symbolic of manís desire to be as free as the unbridled winds.
Aerial scattering of Ashes
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